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How to Make Online Tutoring Interesting?

How to Make Online Tutoring Interesting?

Learning isn’t fun and games for most students. However, the shift from conventional to a digital-age learning culture shapes the students and their learning activities. However, teaching online is not exactly a walk in the park. Online tutors must constantly evolve their methods and infuse technology-based learning to keep things interesting.

The biggest perk of online tutoring is that it allows the instructor to create bespoke sessions by keeping a student’s learning style in mind.

So, if you feel your class engagement efforts are going south, you can keep the boredom at bay with one of these epic strategies. Our tips will surely help you to keep the students hooked even from behind the computer screen. So keep on reading.


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Get the Ball Rolling

The warm-up activities are a great way to break the ice, grab students’ attention, and switch their learning mode. Come up with new activities and ideas and try them as an ‘appetizer’ before your online tuition sessions to see how they work.

Start by asking questions that make connections between the topic and real-life experiences. This way, the students can dig deeper into these links by taking digital notes, drawing a mind map, or just by a simple discussion.


Encourage them to Chip in

The more you get your students to interact, the more engaging your session will be. Make sure to offer them plenty of opportunities to stay active by asking them to raise their hands to answer questions or by writing them in the chat box using emojis.

Also, asking plenty of questions will boost their confidence, especially introverts, and encourage them to speak up and be a part of the discussion, but you may need to find a sweet spot, so it doesn’t get boring and lose the charm. Also, offering them a chance to present and teach someone else in the class or at home will solidify the topic’s contents and encourage them to communicate their ideas.

Gamify your Lessons

Let’s face it: everyone loves games! Luckily, embedding game elements into your online tuition lesson is no longer rocket science – the options are endless, with plenty of apps and online assessment platforms.

Gaming apps allow you to rustle up fantastic games based on your topic to make learning fun. So, whenever possible, an online tutor must include gameplay and fun quizzes to make lessons engaging.
Interesting teaching technique
Effective games connect course content with healthy competition and promote a more engaging online learning experience that keeps students motivated when studying online. When it comes to core subjects like arithmetic, online math tutors may find it tough to explain the concepts effectively.

Since math requires lots of practice which, to be honest, can be dull, game-based learning will allow students to master tricky concepts and give them valuable insight into topics in a fun way.


Use Interactive Videos

Online tutoring is challenging because, these days, students are distracted from almost anything happening in the background. The perfect plan to deal with it? Let’s recall a famous tagline, ‘Think Different”.

Your online tutoring handbook may have myriad options to keep your students hooked. Yet, all activities have an expiry date and can become less exciting at some point. Therefore, interactive videos can be your saving grace when online tuition class becomes dull.

Interactive videos are an effective and efficient way of giving your students immersive and engaging online learning experiences. These videos are created to grab the students’ attention as they have a shorter attention span. As an online tutor, you can plan and include two to four video clips in your virtual session that are relevant to the topic.

Even though YouTube has a lot of fun educational content, you can also create your video clips by switching in tweaking the content to match your student’s interests. You can also make how-to or tutorial videos to explain different topics in an online tuition class in whatever way they prefer.


Give Rewards

When appreciating students in an online classroom, the sky’s the limit. You can give students a certificate, a digital reward tag, or something as simple as a digital sticker. Digital reward tags are stickers that students can collect for achievements like ‘amazing effort’, ‘good listener ‘, or maybe ‘ace writer’.

You can also give away e-books as rewards for their remarkable achievements. Make a list and share it with them so they can pick the one they like as a gift. Including that, you can also ask your students to share their favourite videos from platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok that’s their creation but make sure to set some criteria beforehand.

However, digital rewards are great, but nothing compares to verbal praise. Telling your students how well they’re doing or how hard they’ve worked encourages them to progress and push their limits.


Sprinkle some Humor

Spotted your student yawning and stretching? Well, desperate time calls for desperate measures. To keep things fun and exciting, being a little animated always helps.

Crack a joke from time to time during the session if the lecture gets tedious, and you find your students silently scribbling in their notebooks. They can be riddles or famous jokes that are universally familiar.

You can also take little joke breaks in the middle of the online tuition class and ask your students to tell their favourite ones to wake them up and reset. No matter how dry and dense the topic is, a cheerful facial expression or lively gesture always brings energy back to the class.


You’ve Got This!

These tips and tricks may aid you in many ways, but your enthusiasm will always reflect your attitude. So, staying positive and enjoying yourself throughout the online tuition class is essential, especially while dealing with the trickiest topic. The go-getter mindset will not just keep your confidence intact but will also significantly impact the learners studying online.


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