Economics is a study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It focuses on the behavior, interactions as well as the functioning of economics. It is particularly concerned with production and exchange efficiency and uses models and assumptions to figure out how to design incentives and policies that optimize efficiency.

Why choose Eximus Education for Economics tutoring?



At Eximus Education, we offer the best online economics tutors for students in the UK. Our tutors go through a detailed screening process and are interviewed by our team of professionals to ensure premium online economics tutoring. The economics tutor can guide students through the different modules and economic concepts from monopoly output to supply and demand, to economic indicators, systems, data mining, etc.



Our tutors for economics provide a one-on-one tutoring service – from beginner to advanced level. These economics tutors are vetted carefully after consideration to ensure quality tutoring using advanced methods and techniques for effective learning.



Our economics tutors cater to all students’ queries related to economics and provide tutoring from basic concept understanding to advance level assessments. Since every session is tailor-made according to each student’s needs, our economics tutors ensure the students succeed in their studies and achieve high marks in their exams.

Why should I get an Economics tutor?

Understanding Economics entails more than just reading graphs and charts; it also includes grasping concepts like demand, elasticity, and opportunity cost. Economics can be a difficult subject to master, hence requires professional assistance to understand better those complex concepts. You can book a free demo and connect with an economics tutor that best fits your requirement.

Here are some of the Economics Tutors

Saifa eco & acc tutor

With 14 years of teaching experience, Safia is an expert in teaching Economics and Accounting to both O/A level students.

sara business studies tutor

A banker by profession and a teacher by passion who enjoys interacting with young learner. Sara has 6 years of experience in teaching O/A Level Economics, Business Studies and Accounts.


Adeel Butt (Economics): Adeel has done MA in Economics from The University of Houston and has been working as a visiting faculty for managerial economics and microeconomics courses at a renowned university. He has years of experience in tutoring economics at all levels, from GCSE t graduate.

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