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We at Eximus Education believe in quality rather than quantity. All applicants undergo a rigorous vetting process based on our EETT formula: Ethics, Engagement, Technology, and Tutoring Experience. Only then the shortlisted tutors are onboarded. You must clear all three stages of our tutor hiring process: application shortlisting, phone screening and demo session.

Our tutors are highly valuable to us. Therefore at Eximus Education, we facilitate them as much as possible. If there is an issue with the student, we recommend that our tutors instantly contact our management. We promise to resolve the problem in the best way possible, fairly and unbiasedly. However, we ensure our tutors maintain their timesheets and record their lessons at all times. 

Each student is in direct contact with one of our representatives whom they may contact in case there is an issue with the tutor, scheduling of lessons, or problems in payments, to name a few. We resolve the issue in the best way possible, fairly and unbiasedly.

Each student is assigned a point of contact whom they may reach out to in case there are any changes they would like to make to their class schedule. We are known for our flexibility, and we make sure to facilitate our students in the best way possible. 

Regardless of having the best tutors, we understand that each student has their learning style and preferences. Hence, to make sure we match you with the best tutor and help you make the perfect choice for yourself, we offer a free demo class before officially starting the lessons. 

We offer a free demo session to our students. A free demo allows you to see if the tutor's teaching style and availability suit you. Just visit our website to book a demo, fill out the given form, and our representative will contact you shortly. 

Yes. Our tutors are selected after a rigorous vetting process. Not only do we interview each of our tutors and complete the relevant checks, we know all of them on a personal level as friends and work colleagues. 

Eximus Education offers safe and secure payment methods. We aid the payment process to ensure transparency.

Yes, we provide a range of 50+ subjects, including economics, maths, physics, English, psychology and more. We provide tutoring for traditional subjects and non-traditional ones such as further maths and econometrics.

Eximus Education offers premier yet affordable one-on-one tutoring to a wide range of grade levels, including GCSE, A-level, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs, including ACCA, CFA, CIMA, MBA, and others. 

Yes, we do assist in offline tasks. However, we aim to develop students' critical thinking skills to make them lifelong independent learners. Therefore, our tutors help students to find answers to problems on their own by offering academic support and guidance to help them understand the core concepts of the course material along the way. 

We have a TAT of 24 hours. Once you fill out the form book a demo, our representative will contact you within 24 hours to connect you to the most suitable tutor according to your academic needs and arrange a free demo.

Yes. Eximus Education offers premier one-on-one tutoring sessions online as well as face-to-face. 

Our rates are 50% lower than the market rates and start from as low as £20 per hour. The rate may vary depending on the level, subject and difficulty level. 

Yes, we are a proud corporate member of The Tutors Association and we encourage our tutors to operate by the rules, regulations and policies outlined by them.