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We hope you are well and brimming with excitement for the upcoming summer season. In this inaugural issue of Spotlight, we will delve deep into one of the most sought-after educational events, the 11+, and share the remarkable leaps we undertook to empower students throughout this year. Whether you are a concerned parent seeking guidance or an ambitious student with your eyes on the prize, we have just the insights to kick-start your journey this summer.

🔍 11+… What’s the hype?

The 11+ test serves as a decisive exam in a student’s final primary school year. Designed to assess academic prowess in subjects such as English, Mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning, it can be quite competitive and overwhelming for students nationwide. But there’s no reason to worry, because with the right guidance, the 11+ exam can become a transformative and impactful event that positively shapes your future.

🤔 Who sets the exam?

The 11+ is set by common providers such as GL (Granada Learning) and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). Other providers include CSSE, whereas some schools develop their own test papers. While there are differences between boards, they generally involve minor factors like paper formats and question styles.

📆 Dates to remember

Registration: April to July, depending on your exam board or the schools in your area. If you haven’t registered already, make sure to do it at the earliest to ensure that you have ample time to prepare.

Results: For most grammar schools, results are announced around mid-October.

Exam: 11+ are scheduled for the first two weeks of September in most grammar schools. For a specific date, we would advise you to confirm with your school.

Allocation: Schools are expected to be allocated and confirmed on the 1st of March, ’24, marking an important milestone in your journey towards year 7.

📖 How to conquer the 11+

Verbal reasoning

Improve problem-solving:
Solve puzzles, analyse problems,
and think critically.

Understand word meanings:
Read extensively, use context, play word games, and expand vocabulary.

Spell accurately:
Create lists, break down words, practise writing, use mnemonics and quizzes.

Strengthen numerical skills

Key focus areas: Practise fractions, percentages, ratios, algebra.

Improve speed and accuracy:
Work on enhancing your speed and accuracy in mathematical calculations.

Practise, practise, practise:
Regularly engage in exercises that target mental arithmetic, problem-solving, and numerical reasoning skills.

Non-verbal reasoning

Find patterns and rules:
Identify patterns, solve puzzles, and explore sequences.

Analogical reasoning:
Master recognising relationships between objects and shapes.

Develop spatial awareness:
Solve puzzles, play spatial games, explore shapes.


Seek expert advice

Consult trusted experts:
Get guidance and resources from experts like Eximus Education for comprehensive support.

Explore beyond school:
Look for additional information sources to broaden your knowledge.

Access comprehensive resources:
Ensure you have the necessary materials with guidance.

In the

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We have just released our first-ever podcast featuring John Nichols, the President of The Tutors Association UK (TTA). The podcast covered the evolving landscape of the NTP, educational policies and the transformative role of AI in shaping the future of education. 

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Schools 101 by Teacher Tapp

One for the books: The School and Academies Show ‘23      We were thrilled to be a part of this year’s The School and Academies Show and had an incredible time networking with the education industry’s leaders, headteachers and education gurus. Here is an exclusive sneak peek into our memorable experience at the event.

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Haris, Founder and CEO

A qualified accountant from ICAEW, Haris holds a BSc. degree in Economics from Warwick University, an MSc. from The London School of Economics (LSE) and has worked with the United Nations, Deloitte (UK) and NatWest (London). A rare combination of competence and empathy, Haris is the foundation behind Eximus Education. Having worked as a private tutor in the UK for more than a decade, alongside his accountancy career, Haris gained an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by the masses in the UK with regards to availability and affordability of quality tutoring. His passion to create an impact in a normal student’s life and scale quality tutoring outside of the affluent areas within M25, gave birth to Eximus Education- a premium tutoring company, where all students are welcome, irrespective of their education and financial backgrounds.

Misbah, COO

An MBA and M.Phil in Business Management, majoring in Finance, Misbah comes with an experience of more than a decade in education management, teaching, tutoring, investment management and social entrepreneurship. An educationist by heart, she is an NLP Master Practitioner, a Silva graduate and is in the process of becoming a certified Silva Trainer from The Silva Institute, USA. A member of Rotary International, she is a firm believer in the transformative power of love, and of ‘service above self’ in leadership. With her skills in finance and education management, her existing role as a volunteer board member with international charities and her drive to create impact, she aspires to help academy trusts and charities in the UK in their efforts of providing education to the masses.

Shiza, Head of Marketing

With an MBA in marketing and more than seven years of experience in creating and managing brands, Shiza spearheads our Marketing team with her immense knowledge and drive towards excellence. Her strength lies in her methodical approach and effective management of available resources, due to which, in a very short time with us, she has been able to create the value that we aspire for. Shiza channels her passion and curiosity towards understanding and building brands that truly resonate. She doesn’t just love what she does – she lives it.

Kanza, Head of Success

A business graduate with a vast experience of sales and client management, Kanza’s secret lies in her passion to serve. A people’s person at heart, she loves interacting and learning from everyone who comes her way. Her work therefore spells who she is: managing a team working towards customer success, understanding the requirements of parents and helping them by providing the most suitable tutor for their child. She wakes up every day with a smile and gratitude for an opportunity to help one more child get the education he/she deserves.

Mohaddisa, Head (Interim) of Compliance

A Psychology graduate, Mohaddisa has an immense interest in exploring child and adult behaviour. Her passion towards providing every child with top-quality education in a safe environment, makes her a perfect candidate for Quality Assurance and Academic Compliance.

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