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It All Started with a "D" in Maths

Here's how I raised my D in math to an A

For some people, mastering maths might be challenging. However, don’t worry if your maths grade is suffering because it happens to the best of us.

While some students struggle with maths and think they’d never be good at it, others might love the subject and seek out ways to get even better at it. However, the struggle is real whether you are one of the former or the latter.

Remember that practice is essential while learning maths topics since it helps you retain what you’ve learned. Engage in discussion in class, ask questions, and try to collaborate with other students. Hopefully, your scores will rise, and you’ll most likely love the subject more!

Since maths can be improved with hard work and practice, it doesn’t matter your skill level or goals; there are a few easy things you can do to improve, as I did.

Lucky for you, in this blog, we will discuss tried-and-true tactics that, in addition to making you a better maths student, will also give you the self-assurance you need to excel in all spheres of mathematical thinking and logical reasoning.


Never Skip a Homework Question

Always strive for 100% completion when finishing your schoolwork. Your grade will eventually drop if you skip even one problem, impacting your final maths course grade.

For instance, the best mark you might get on a maths assignment would be 90% even if you skipped 1 of the 10 problems. Therefore, spend as much time as necessary to solve all the problems.

Ask your maths teacher, online maths tutor, or fellow student for assistance if you’re not sure how to solve a problem or feel that a topic is beyond your understanding. If you don’t have time to seek help, finish the task. Worst-case scenario-you’ll get it wrong but that’s how you learn, right?

Even if you make a mistake or can’t solve it, your teacher will be impressed that you tried. This should show the teacher how motivated you are to learn.

Give Yourself Some Time to Practice

Despite what many students think, cramming is among the worst study methods. Not only will you be worn out on the exam day, but the knowledge you forced yourself to acquire will only be retained in your memory for a short time. Therefore, if you wish to ace the maths test or exam, study three to four days in advance to get prepped. 

The most incredible method to improve your final grade from a “D” to an “A” is to do well on your maths assessments; remember that preparation is key to success. Therefore, set aside 30 to 60 minutes per day to study.

To learn what errors to avoid, review the book chapters, you will be assessed on. It would be best if you also went through your homework assignments. Work on a dozen practice problems covering the topics you’ll be tested on the evening before the exam. You can also opt for online maths tutoring to help you if you feel stuck.

I would suggest getting enough sleep and showing up to class prepared. For that reason, review your notes before bed the night before the test.

Build a Strong Base

Make sure you have a solid math foundation before moving on to the next level since you’ll need it for advanced maths. The foundational concepts include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In more complex areas of maths, such as algebra and trigonometry, you’ll regularly use and need to master these fundamental concepts. Therefore, before continuing, make sure you are proficient in these skills.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Having various resources at your disposal is beneficial when trying to solve maths problems. If you are stuck, feel free to seek help from a family member, a study group, or even your school textbook. Find the source that fully meets your requirements and helps you develop a sound understanding.

For certain people and issues, different materials are effective. No one solution fits all. Exposure to a variety of media is the best advice we can offer. Watch YouTube videos, copy step-by-step instructions, solve online quizzes, etc. Doing this lets you quickly learn what suits you and what doesn’t.

Sign up with an Online Math Tutor

For one-on-one guidance, a flexible study schedule, and constant supervision, signing up for online maths tutoring can be highly beneficial.

You may try working with a maths tutor online if you still have trouble understanding challenging concepts and want to enhance your maths grade.  

A maths tutor online can help you focus on the specific concepts limiting you from scoring a solid grade by giving personalized instruction. Online maths tutoring can also help clarify mathematical concepts differently than your classroom teacher and assist you in revisiting material you may have forgotten.

Numerous online tutoring companies, including Eximus Education, can put you in touch with a qualified math tutor online if you need help with any of these essential math concepts.

You Have Got This!

Speed is not a factor in learning maths; it should be learned at your own pace. Therefore, you should find the most suitable and intuitive method to get a fruitful outcome.

Each student has a different learning style. Some people learn best by doing things practically, while others find listening and observing more effective.

Find what fits best for you, then continue to strive at it. If you need help, feel free to sign up for a demo with an experienced maths tutor online to show you the way.

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