Why Personal Tutoring is Essential for Student Success?

Who are Personal Tutors?

The challenging scenario of higher education along with the emerging expectations of the teachers, pose concerns on higher education performance and excellence. Personal tutors create all the difference to the students’ success and experience at university.  Personal tutors have an important role to play in assisting the students feelings that they belong, also in guiding and helping their journey. Personal tutors work constantly to improve this area of academic assistance.

The personal tutor is an individual who is settled in the academic community that students are approaching. He is a role model for tutees with respect to showing the conducts to his/her students. The personal tutor is to help the individual in professional development of their students, as well as handling the issues or problems.

What can they do?

An effective tutor needs to understand the students during the sessions. Personal tutors work as a support system for the students having academic challenges and they are the supposed to be the experts to handle this role for the tutees since the first person a learner turns to is his/her tutor.

How do they change a student's life?

Personal tutors have conversations with his/her tutees that make them realize the needs and challenges of the students. They talk about exam patterns, revisions, feedback, and assessment techniques and about overcoming family issues including anxiety attacks. They talk to the students regarding several points of the well-being field. Sometimes personal tutors become the first or only individual to realize something quite personal or disturbing to the students. Although, personal tutor does not play the role of a social worker or psychological counsellor, but they understand that academics cannot be taught without a personal understanding. This builds effective relationship between tutees and the tutor. In general, personal tutor can enhance a student’s outlook regarding several distressing issues which are impacting their studies by guiding and supporting them through out their academic journey.

In general, personal tutors are professionals who not only support students in their studies, but they also help them to overcome challenging situations by disciplining them.

They can assist students to interpret on their academic performance and recognize trends in how they are doing across various courses. Personal tutors are also enthusiasts for their field of study, and so can offer a key role in helping tutees to create solid disciplinary identities which can have a positive effect on access to advance study, to other curricular prospects and to more effective graduate results.

Tutor/Tutee Expectations

For learners, a personal tutor can be a vital ‘way through’ to an academic plan and to the university. For example, when students face complex situations or changes in the academic lives such department or campus change, they need to have a support to manage the shift effectively.

Personal tutors can be skilled to listen without biasness and be cautious in handling their tutee sessions, however they cannot be skilled up to be a social worker or a counsellor.

There is a need to tackle student expectations regarding what the responsibility of tutors are. Personal tutors, on the other end, need space and time to schedule communications with their students to fulfil the duty of concern and pledge to assist.

Importance of Personal Tutors now than ever

The importance of personal tutoring has immensely increased during and after the year 2020. The out break of coronavirus impacted every other activity just like it did on educational sector. In such scenario, personal tutoring has become an inevitable option for many parents. Home-schooling students and parents required a solution to assist them educate at home. Personal tutoring has become one of the biggest educational channels around the world offering online tutoring and assistance to various students regardless of their level.

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