Role of Personal Tutor in Academic Growth

What is a Personal Tutor?

A personal tutor is a person who is academically established for the tutees. A personal tutor can be an influential model for the students with regard to modeling the conducts and language used in academic and professional spheres. Part of the responsibility of a personal tutor is to reinforce the professional and personal development of its tutees, along with dealing with the issues.

Difference between a Tutor and a Teacher/ Lecturer

A tutor is commonly a teacher of individual or small group students who mentors, supports or coaches his/her pupil’s learning. An example would be a project or subject tutor, thesis, or dissertation tutor.

A professional can lecture while publishing academic research papers as well. However, a professional is one of the academic accomplishments from improved research and study. It is an advanced title than a lecturer. Mostly, professors are head of departments of faculties in many educational institutions.

A lecturer lectures and offer informative sessions to groups of pupils. A lecturer will also carry-on research and generate papers every year that published for academic uses.

What is the Recognition of Tutors in the Global Market?

The global recognition of tutors is substantial. Particularly, after the advent of the recent pandemic, the emergence of tutors cannot be overlooked. During the times of prolonged and uncertain absence from campus, the importance of tutors has been doubled around the world. More than 1.4 billion students across the world have been facing campus closures and it has triggered an overnight change to online teaching tools within an industry which was unconvinced of the impact of the internet as teaching methodology. To ensure the continuity of the education, many parents opted for personal online tutors which has helped to retain the academic growth among students. 

How do they make a Difference in a Student’s Life?

Tutors have a positive impact on a student that can be apparent both internally and externally of the class. For students of every age group, levels or courses, personal tutoring or coaching assists students to empower themselves by equipping them with tools to acquire confidence and reach their maximum potential.

Every student comes with different sets of abilities and understanding capacities. An effective tutor can tailor his/her teaching style to accommodate abilities of every student. An effective tutor can foster a sense of achievement and individual standards within students which help them succeed in professional and personal lives. Here are few of the short-term and long term benefits a tutor can offer to a student:

Being a tutor, a personal role is never to offer his/her tutees solutions to help the students learn toexplore answers for independently

Certainly, tutors can offer some solutions directly, however in doing so, they express the suitable thinking pattern. Students who opt tutoring are putting their efforts on a problem they cannot resolve. Sometimes the issues are vague or sometimes quite peculiar. Tutors are expected to analyze the issue and model the most appropriate way to resolve the issues.

Group tuition has many pros such as:

However, there are few cons as well that should be considered:

distractions: in group tuitions,several students study and discuss on the same time which may make it difficult for some students to remain focus on problem-solving.

the feeling of being left out: group tuition may make some slow learners feel left out as they might be hesitant to speak up or might get overlooked by the tutors.

 In conclusion, the importance of tutors these days cannot be overlooked or underestimated. The role they play in the lives of their students is substantially influential and it can determine the success of many students in personal and professional lives. Particularly, the importance of tutors has gained quite much during the pandemic since many students are totally relying on their online tutors to gain success in their academic years.

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