7 Benefits of CFA Charter You Should Know

In the world of finance and investment, the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) will not only earn you respect but will also land you that high-paying job. Even though earning this title is not an easy task, this title brings with it a host of career benefits.

So, if you’re interested in becoming a CFA, you should know the advantages that accompany this credential and how it will provide a powerful career boost.

Here’s the list of reasons why the CFA may be just what you need to achieve your vocational goals.

7 Career-Boosting CFA Benefits

1. One of The Most Prestigious Programs in The Finance World:

CFA has acquired a glowing reputation around the globe. Studying the qualification will help you to gain a good set of financial skills and a solid base of knowledge to get you on your way.  

The CFA institutes and their charter holders stand out in the industry. Having the CFA charter adds credibility and weight to your competence. You can use the charter to into investment analysis and asset management. No other professional designation carries the same weight for asset managers and other professionals in the financial industry. 

The CFA charter is mandatory for almost all professions in the financial industry. Pursuing financial roles without the charter is like trying to practice medicine without an MD degree. However, you don’t necessarily have to be an investment employee to pursue the CFA charter. You can get the CFA charter title under your belt to broaden your knowledge and expertise if you work closely with finance employees.

2.The Inclusive and Challenging Curriculum Gives You The knowledge and expertise you need:

The CFA curriculum is notoriously challenging, you can only pass CFA exams if you have strong discipline and can study for an extensive amount of time. The curriculum will give you a strong knowledge base and hone your skills. 

The CFA chartered is widely considered to be the gold standard in the field of investment analysis, as the curriculum covers everything that’s related to the investment and finance industry.

3. It Will Help You Build A Strong Network

you can find more than 167,000 CFA charter holders around the world and the number is only increasing every day. it doesn’t matter where you are, you can join CFA societies. The CFA societies will expand your professional network and provide you with job opportunities, CFA societies regularly post job openings for charter holders. Being an active member of society will significantly increase your chances of landing these jobs.

4. Exemptionsfrom certain therequirementfor a charter holder:

CFA charter is officially recognized in more than 40 countriesand in 27 countries charter holders may be entitled to exemption from some licensing exams typically in the field of investment and finance. you can freely travel and work in different countries without having to worry about passing certain exams and clearing the requirements. And in some countries CFA title allows you to waive the GMAT entrance exam

5. It Cam Boost Your Chances of getting a job in Major Investment Firms:

Investment banks and other major firms trust CFAs for their most critical finance-related projects. even though CFA doesn’t guarantee a job, but it sure paves the way for working for major investment firms. 

6. Offers A Career with The Best Starting Salary:

As mentioned, CFAs are employed by the most recognized firms all over the world which guarantees premium pay. But even if you work for a smaller company, CFA can give you the right opportunity to make more money.

As mentioned, CFAs are employed by the most recognized firms all over the world which guarantees premium pay. But even if you work for a smaller company, CFA can give you the right opportunity to make more money.

CFA charter will help you stand out among other employees. Consequently, your employer will give you better projects with more visibility and you’ll earn higher pay.

7. It’s a Smart Investment on a Small Budget:

CFA is definitely cheap relative to other certifications with similar benefits to your resume.  The total cost of CFA depends on study materials and the exams you take but the cost will range from $2,600 to $8,000.

The early registration fee for all three levels and the CFA curriculum is $2,600. While $8,000 is the standard registration fees for all 3 levels as well as third-party study resources.

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