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Enjoy the Holiday Season without Falling Behind in your Studies

Tips to maintain a study-life balance during the holiday season

We know that studying during the holidays can be challenging when everyone is out and about. Your pals are out having fun watching a pantomime at the theatre while you are cooped up at home reading your textbooks. Then, when wanderlust sets in, you succumb and abandon your schoolwork in favour of a magical getaway. All college students face this issue throughout the holidays. But what if we told you that you could combine the best of both worlds? To learn more, keep reading the post!
Holidays are the Best Time to Hone Your Study Game
It would be best if you keep using your brain during the holiday season to function at its best when school resumes. The holidays are also a terrific opportunity to catch up and get ahead. You usually have two weeks to fill in any knowledge gaps and prepare for the upcoming semester. You won’t be frantically trying to acquire new study material; finishing your assignments will lower your stress levels during the term.
Choose Studying Over Other Things
Even while it’s tempting to accept invitations to Christmas parties and family reunions, you should give your studies top priority. This does not, however, preclude you from spending time with your family or buddies. That’s impossible! Instead, prioritising your studies will make you more focused on finishing your weekly assignments while managing to go to the pub or take a stroll in the nearest Christmas market. However, you can get a taste of both worlds at the same time. How about enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while going through your notes? Or going out with your friends to the nearest café for group studies?
Make a Solid Study Plan and Stick to it.
We are all social animals. Naturally, it’s challenging to remain motivated every day. Instead of concentrating just on motivation, it’s crucial that you make a study plan to assist you in establishing a study rhythm. This way, you won’t be able to spend three days watching Netflix because “you didn’t feel like studying.” However, because there are so many distractions over the Christmas holidays, deviating from your study plans is typical. This is why you shouldn’t make a rigid schedule that spells out your objectives for each time slot. Make a holiday study plan that specifies the tasks, you must complete each day but leaves room for unexpected plans to see the mesmerizing Christmas lights on Oxford Street.
Cut Yourself Some Slack
You don’t want to become demotivated on the first day of the Christmas break when you realise you can’t memorise an entire Physics module in a single day. Sticking to your study plan will be much more satisfying if you break it down into smaller, more manageable objectives. For instance, you should set achievable objectives like “Go through difficult Motion questions” and “Revise Newton’s Laws of Motion on Monday.” You’re more likely to stay motivated to study longer if your goals are more definite and doable.
Don’t Forget to Rest and Unwind
Keep in mind that the purpose of the Christmas holidays is to offer you a break from studying. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend 9 to 11 hours a day studying. Instead, make an effort to study for 2 to 6 hours per day on average (depending on your grade). Spending 2-4 hours is appropriate if you are in high school. Aim for 3-6 hours per day if you are in college. For example, to make sure you don’t miss the fun on Boxing Day, you can try studying for 1 hour some days and 6 hours on other days. All of that is a step in the process! It’s more crucial that you don’t exhaust yourself. Therefore, ensure that you allow adequate time to enjoy friends and family, rest and unwind.
Spend the Morning Productively
As long as you complete your daily tasks first, you are free to visit your friends to devour mince pies or play video games all night. Getting your assigned activities done as soon as you get up is the simplest way. When it’s finished, you can do whatever you want. Consider this: you wouldn’t want to ditch studying all day only to get an invite to watch “The Snowman” as you were about to begin. So, how will you move ahead? Choosing between ignoring your friends and your grades can be stressful. Avoid putting yourself in this dilemma and stick to the plan- focus on wrapping up the daily assigned tasks first thing in the morning. Spotted your student yawning and stretching? Well, desperate time calls for desperate measures. To keep things fun and exciting, being a little animated always helps.
Accept Invites Wisely
It’s a good idea to give yourself a decent one or 2-day rest each week. Giving oneself a four-day break every seven days is not, in any case. Keep in mind that you can’t accept every invitation. It’s all right to refuse. Choose the events you want to attend most, then pass on the others. Trust me, your loved ones will understand.
It’s Okay to Ask for Help!
Don’t you believe you have the self-control to study during the Christmas holidays? It’s okay. You can rely on us! You will get plenty of guidance from knowledgeable online tutors at Eximus Education as they walk you through the study material for the upcoming semester. Find out how.
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